I’ve been putting off this first post for about a week now. Partly because I wasn’t sure what to write, partly because I’m a bit self conscious, diving into this HUGE world of fashion with not much prior knowledge. Where does one even begin? I have been sifting through a few Vogue Magazines in attempts to acquaint myself with current designers/models/trends, and although I’ve been learning a lot, it’s done quite the opposite of calming my nerves. THERE IS SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW! But alas, we all must start somewhere and so here I am. At my beginning.

If you’ve read my “About” section, you already have some semblance as to what I’m trying to accomplish here. Along with information on the hottest designers, trends and models, I will also be sharing my personal journey into the fashion world, beginning with my first sewing lesson, slated to commence in mid-July. I’ll also be taking you around my city, Philadelphia, and on any other travels I may take in the meantime. I hope to introduce you to local designers and shoppes, and share with you my own personal style along the way. I hope we both enjoy the ride!


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