The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Life Magazine

Celebrated each year to mark the opening of their annual exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the Costume Institute Ball, aka Met Gala, has come to be defined as the most enchantingly, elegant American event, in most people’s minds, trumping even the Oscars.


Life Magazine

This New York tradition, which doubles as a fundraiser for the Costume Institute, somehow manages to recreate the magic of old world society. Spanning all the way back to 1948, aristocratic women would pay to don gowns from the Institute’s collection and dine at a midnight supper.


Diana Vreeland in her office

It wasn’t until 1971, when Diana Vreeland, the iconic fashion editor and thenĀ consultant to the Costume Institute, took the reigns and transformed the event from Upper East Side stuffy to the glamorous extravaganza it is known as today.


Anna Wintour on the cover of New York Magazine promoting the 2013 Costume Gala, Punk Chaos to Couture

In the 90’s, Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor in Chief, became Chair of the Gala, and with her came celebrity. Just as she had bridged the gap between fashion and Hollywood on the pages of Vogue, she managed to bring them together the way we see them today, on the Metropolitan’s Grand Staircase.

Information gathered from JNSQ


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