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1. Sewing Bag by P+G Designs 2. Scissors by Gingher 3. 5 yards of Muslin 4. Assorted pack of needles 5. Straight Pins (without balls at the end for a more professional look and easier machine sewability) 6. Tracing Wheel 7. Collapsible Snips 8. Seam Ripper 9. Magnetic Pin Cushion 10. Measuring Tape 11. Replacement Sewing Machine Needles 12. Thread (Black and Cream to match the Muslin)

So I attended my first sewing class this past Monday! Hooray! It was your typical go over the syllabus and supply list class but we did get to sit down and go over threading the machine and the bobbin. I do know how to do that on my machine however I always have to watch a Youtube tutorial beforehand, so it will be nice to get that down to second nature. Today I purchased all my supplies (shown above) including the required text book; Reader’s Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing. I’m most excited for my fabric scissors and the pretty velvet case they came in. The silicone pouch I purchased to hold my tools is amazing as well. It’s made by a Japanese designer, P+G, and they come in every color. I wish you could feel it because it’s so soft and squishy and the giant zipper is amaze. Their website is completely in Japanese but they do have a few American retailers including Omoi, a small zakka shop here in Philadelphia (more on that shop later).


The Nuu Pouch by P+G Designs


Close up of my Gingher Scissors in their fancy velvet box! Reminds my of the Munsters if the show had been colorized

It’s crazy to look at the 10 week syllabus and imagine that we are actually going to learn all of these different skills! The stitches that will be taught include, straight stitch, zigzag stitch, basting, stretch stitch, buttonholes, basting stitch/running stitch, overcast stitch, slip stitch, applying a button, pinked seam, turn and stitch seam, machine overedge or zigzag, bias bound seam, 1/4″ french seam, 1/2″ flat felled seam, curved seam, piping, 1/2″ accordion pleats, inserted ruffle, patch pocket, 1″ straight turned up machine hem, 2″ hem with lining, blindstitched hem and a catchstitched hem. We are going to sew examples of each and created a seam binder that we will be able to have forever as a reference. We will also be creating a skirt and a lined vest. I can’t believe it, I’m really going to know how to sew!


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