Well guys, it’s finally here. September has arrived which means my first European adventure is only 21 days away! This trip is not only a vacation, it is something that I have been planning, saving and pretty much living for since last summer. A year ago, I had been accepted into NYU’s Art Administration program and was all packed up and ready to go. I had even picked my classes and obtained my student I.D. (which still gets me some rockin’ discounts. Don’t judge.) But as the semester drew near something just didn’t feel right. When I interviewed for admission, my interviewer expressed that her only concern was my age. She explained that not only was the coursework demanding (which was not an issue for me), but most crucially, the financial burden I would taking on was not something to get into lightly. I would be in debt for the good part of my life and if I was not 100% positive that this was the program I wanted to pursue, then it would be a much smarter move to take some time and explore who and what I wanted to become. Now I would be lying if I said the thoughts of regret haven’t past my mind since then, but the thought of missing out on exploring the world always drags me back to reality, and I am generally happy about my decision. If you’d like to read more about my dramatic NYU withdrawal, click over to my other blog, ChildCheese to read my article that led to my revelation.

And so moving forward with the mantra that, “grad school will always be there,” I am mere weeks away from embarking on a three week trip to Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic. While I will be spending most of my time in Vienna, Venice and Prague, there will be outings to the Austrian countryside and trip down the Danube River to visit the small town of Bratislava in Slovakia. I truly have no idea what to expect, but I do know that I will be eating and drinking insane amounts of chocolate, marzipan and espresso. I hope to keep blogging little snip-its while I’m away. I’ll share pictures and travel advice and must see shops, restaurants and general destinations. I’m trying to pack light and basic. I want to look as European as possible, (or whatever my imagination believes Europeans to look like) so stay tuned for a packing guide to appear in the following weeks. I’m very excited and I know once I’m over there, so many of my doubts and hangups regarding my grad school decision will slowly dissolve. And when I come back, I will be ready to move forward into this new career path the I am slowly but surely carving out for myself.


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