Above Image: Cara Delevingne in biker boots for Saint Laurent Fall 2013

Happy September Everyone!! Welcome to the opening week of the greatest time of the year. As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to change, it will soon be time to put away your summer gear and explore the all the new fall fashions. And for all you die hard summer people asking yourselves, what is so great about fall fashion? I’m here to tell you, EVERYTHING IS GREAT ABOUT FALL FASHION! In the summer, it is totally acceptable to walk around in practically nothing because in 90+ temperatures and humidity, all fashion fopaux’s are forgiven (albeit not always forgotten). Slip into some high waisted short-shorts, throw on a crop top, and hit the streets. Even if you follow every emerging trend religiously, how much stuff can you really pile on before you start overheating? And that’s why for me, summer is about fun, not fashion.

But fall! Fall is the time for festivity. No more lazing your days away in the hot summer heat, it’s time to get up and go! School is starting! There are holidays to plan! Places to go! Family to see! Peal yourself off that couch, it’s time to start looking more sophisticated again. And as it’s not quite winter, there is no need to cover up and hide behind a giant fur lined parka. Instead, it’s time to layer. Perfect for showing off just how fashionable you are. Layering isn’t always easy. You have to put time into coordinating your closet into combinations that make sense. And the more you layer, the more pieces you’ll be able to showcase as you walk down the street.

So since I’m new at this, and creating a full list of fads all at once seems a but daunting, I decided that each week I will discuss and share two fads for the season. This week it’s all about the shoes as we discuss biker boots and man-ish flats.

Although the term of the season seems to be “biker boot,” I think anything along the lines of army/combat styles can be accepted into this trend. Below are some of my favorites that I’ve seen pop up thus far. And although they may look tough and manly, don’t be afraid to pair them with a skirt or dress. I think that the juxtaposition of the two styles is what the look is all about. I consider myself to be a very feminine dresser and I’ve already snagged the ASOS Chelsea Boots for my fall wardrobe.

boots copy

(Click Image to Enlarge) A. Frye 8″ Engineer Boot: The Frye Company $248 B. ASOS ALERT Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots: ASOS $92.82 C. Dr. Martens 1460 Worn Broken-In Boot: Dr. Martin $130. D. Bandit Ankle Boot: Free People $198 E. Maxwell Heavy Sole Boots: TopShop $72

And as the temperatures continue to drop, it is only a matter of days before you’ll be forced to trade in your flip flops for a more protective style of flat. This season, transition between the summer and the winter snow with a great pair of loafers, brogues/oxfords and slipper shoes, also known as, the man-ish flat.


(Click Image to Enlarge) A. Leather Pointed Moccasin: ZARA $129 B. James Wing Tip Oxford: The Frye Company $198 C. Perpigan Monk Shoes: Top Shop $164 D. Swear Charlotte 9 Tassel Loafer: ASOS $209.26 E. Stacked Heel Loafer: Madewell $178

This is also my first attempt at creating collages/layouts for different products and although they aren’t perfect, I think they turned out better than I anticipated. It will be cool to watch my Photoshop/Illustrator skills develop as I continue on. But until next time, enjoy those cooling temps and I’ll be back with more trends next week!


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