So check it out! I finished my ultra fancy vest for my sewing class. Is it the best vest in the world? No. But was it the best attempt at the best vest in the world? YES! It’s lined and button-holed and has a buckle in the back. Vests are truly not my thing (are they any twenty-somthing’s thing?) but it fits and I’ve been wearing it around my apartment like a medal I won at a contest. Now there are two classes left in the semester and we have to create a pleated skirt (unlined so I’m sure it will be much less complicated than this vest). And although I’ve come out of this class with so much knowledge on seam closures and hem finishing and pattern reading, there are a few techniques that have saved me so much time and have made me feel super professional! I’m in the middle of creating some vlog tutorials so look for them to start popping up later this week! And while I work on those, why don’t you scroll through and enjoy this photo spread of my vest. I call it, “A Girl and Her Vest.” I’d like to think that it’s most definitely an equal alternative to New York Fashion Week ha.


Oh and the finest in shiny synthetic linings.


Four buttons and two faux pockets!


Look at that divine brass buckle


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