So I had to write this quick little post because I just had about the greatest experience on a website that I’ve ever had. I’m in the middle of creating my final project for my sewing class (a pleated skirt) but I ran into a snag when I got to the zipper. My machine, a gift from my grandma, didn’t come with a zipper foot. Not knowing a thing about machines, I went straight to the shops on Fabric Row thinking, they would for sure have machine parts. Unfortunately, most of them did not and the ones that did, only carried parts for industrial machines. This left me with only one other option, the Internet. And so I began scouring the various sites looking for parts that would match my machine (a Nelco). Every time I thought I had been successful, I would begin second guessing myself. Does this correspond with my model? Does it matter if I get a clip on or a screw in? Why is this company in the UK??? It will never arrive in time!

As I sat at my computer, staring blankly at the ten windows I had opened, a little sound went off. It sounded like a chat box but I didn’t know where it was coming from. I clicked through the windows until I reached the last one. It was opened to a website entitled, “Sewing Parts Online,” and in the bottom, right hand corner, a chat box had popped up with a friendly, lady named Tracy asking, “Can I help you?” Feeling incredibly relieved I responded with my dilemma. She asked me a series of questions; what is the brand of my machine? What is the model number? Is it a low or high shank machine? When I didn’t know what a “shank was,” she gave me detailed instructions on how to figure it out. And with that, she sent me a direct link to the product that I had spent an hour anxiously scouring the Internet for. And that was that.

I immediately bookmarked the website and highly encourage anyone who is totally new to sewing or has ever had a question regarding the craft to check this site out. It’s amazing and I’m so glad I found it!



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