Above: Burberry RTW SS 2014 Finale

FASHION WEEK! I saw it coming. I saw it coming back in July. I knew I was going to have to talk about it, (this is, of course, a fashion related site) but I was dreading it with each passing day. Suddenly, it was upon me and I just sort of froze. My Instagram began blowing up with photo’s from shows, the fashion section of Buzzfeed was littered with Fashion Week posts, everywhere I looked I saw the tag #NYFW. And just when I thought it was over, I began seeing #LFW (London Fashion Week) popping up in its place! I had sat in silence for long enough, it was time that I put together a small piece on Fashion Week.

Now I know that it might sound like I hate Fashion Week, but I don’t at all! I really love it, or what I know about it thus far. It just seems like such a giant event. So huge that how does one even begin to cover it? I suppose that’s the whole fashion industry in general. Right now we are all watching shows for the Spring and Summer, but I’m just settling into Fall! I was reading an article that if a designer chooses to create a collection for each possible line a year (that includes couture, ready to wear SS and AW, Resort, etc.) that means that they must pump out ten shows in a year! Ten! From each designer! It’s truly overwhelming to wrap one’s head around. But, I persevered. I slowly combed through as many shows as I could and have compiled a list of twelve designers, each a ready to wear (RTW) collection, that I found interesting. I’ve described why I chose each of them briefly, but again, I am new to this! So don’t judge my lingo!! It’s getting there! Well anyways, happy Fashion Week, everyone!

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Rodarte RTW SS 2014

I decided to start with Rodarte, because just in case you aren’t ready to begin looking through Spring and Summer apparel, the totally punk look of their SS collection harkens very closely back to this season’s rocker edge.


Alexander Wang RTW SS 2014

I first heard about Alexander Wang when he did a line for Target, which I actually really liked. This season, while many of his clothes look to be pretty clean cut, with a grey scale color scheme, the detail work of the garments and graphics show that there is a lot more going on in each piece once you take a closer look.


Jeremy Scott RTW SS 2014

Ummm, that hair!! I could not, not include Jeremy Scott’s collection on this list. I love everything about it, from the mod 60’s silhouettes, to the fabric that looks like your television when it’s doing an emergency test. Totes ruckus. Also, his website is so crazy. When you go to shop for clothes, all the models are these funny little gifs that move around. It really does help you see what the clothes truly look like, but it is a little creepy. Here it is if you wanna see it –>> http://www.jeremyscott.com/

walker karen

Karen Walker RTW SS 2014

I love the Karen Walker collection because it’s just fun to look at. It looks comfy, youthful and it’s full of color. She also didn’t totally abandon the colors of the fall and I also like that very much.


Rufian RTW SS 2014

In their SS collection, Ruffian was able to hold on to the punk trend from the fall, and make it work for the spring by adding florals and pastels. The shiny material gives these light colors more of an edge.


Tory Burch RTW SS 2014

I stumbled upon the Tory Burch collection while browsing through Buzzfeed posts. I love the youthfulness of the garments and how wearable all the looks seem to be. Again, I am such a sucker for collars.


Mulberry RTW SS 2014

I began paying attention to Mulberry last season when I first saw an ad featuring Cara Delevingne sitting amongst a horde of stuffed owls in an issue of Vogue. I loved the dark, British-y, structured look of it all, and even though their spring line is much brighter, their signature structured, layers are totally intact.


Creatures of the Wind RTW SS 2014

Creatures of the Wind are known for their use of different textures and fabrics, almost more so than the finished product themselves. However this season, I think the garments hold there own just fine. I love the retro vibe and the dulled pinks and yellows. It reminds me of a 1960’s waitress at a California diner, in a good way!

alice and olivia

Alice + Olivia RTW SS 2014

Even though I’ve been wearing more pants lately, I still love a great skirt. Alice and Olivia’s beautiful full skirts matched with high collared blouses and crops are right up my alley.


Prabal Gurung RTW SS 2014

Prabal Gurung decided on a pastel-y, more masculine take on the 1950’s silhouette for his SS collection.


Marc Jacobs RTW SS 2014

Why do I love Marc Jacobs? It’s because while all the other designers are pumping out flowery, flowing, pastels for spring, he sticks to his dark color palate. Fall for life!


Thom Browne RTW SS 2014

And finally, Thom Browne’s collection. These creations are the exact wearable sculptures that come to my mind when I think of high fashion. They may be the most impracticable garment to wear, but there is no denying the artful talent that goes into creating these wearable masterpiece.

If you want to stay on top of all the shows from this year’s Fashion Week, head over to Vogue.com. They have a great list of designers with a corresponding slideshow! There are also great little blurbs explaining each designer’s intended vision.


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