This past Monday was my last sewing class đŸ˜¦ I learned so much during the past two months. I really got to know my machine, read commercial patterns, and problem solve instead of freak out and quit whenever I ran into a problem. Although the skirt was WAY easier than the vest, I was still excited to finish the entire thing in under a day. And I’m really proud of my first zipper installation. I crushed it. I’m thinking about taking the fall quarter off and instead try my hand at some patterns I bought on Etsy. They are these really awesome retro patterns. I just have to find the right material. I’m also hoping to get some sort of internship/job so I can get some on the job training. I’d really like to learn the whole aspect of running a business, from not only creating the product but also buying and merchandising. But until then, I’m off to Europe on Sunday. The posts will probably slow up a bit, but I hope to do my best at uploading photos of the things I see and do (and most importantly, EAT!!) As promised, I will be putting up a packing guide this weekend before I head out. Until then, do enjoy these photos of my skirt and this noodle-y class picture of all of us in our vests!


Pleats in the front and back and a side zipper. I learned that girl side zippers always go on the left side.


Detail of my pro zipper and happiness because I am learning so much so fast!


2 thoughts on “Skillz

  1. the zipper looks good Sam! Please dont make something w/that exposed zipper look! i hate that. it looks so unfininshed .. i know it’s “in” right now. but it’s ugly.

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