Okay guys, I have just about finished my packing and as promised I am ready to share with you what I have packed for my trip to Europe. I am an awful packer and always bring wayy too much. And as this is a three week trip comprised of three different cities during a very unpredictable season, it was pretty difficult to pair down my selection. But I tried my best and here’s what I’m bringing:

  • Socks (6)/Tights (4)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Robe
  • Pajamas (1 pair pants 1 pair shorts; 2 tshirts)
  • Dresses (4)
  • Slip (static is killer in the winter!)
  • Jeans (3)
  • Shirt (7)
  • Sweater (1 cardigan/1pullover)
  • Hoodie
  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Belt
  • Flats (2)
  • Boots
  • Purse
  • Toiletries (hair products/toothbrush/face wash/etc.)
  • Language guide (Italian and German — We are kinda screwed when we are in Prague ha)
  • Wallpaper guide books for each city (described in the last paragraph)

***We will have a washer/dryer in each of the places we are staying so that helps big time!! (Just in case you were all like eww, only 7 pairs of underwear?!?)***

Now that I see it all laid out, it does seem like a lot, but remember, this is a three week trip! For the plane ride, I’m going to wear a pair of super comfy loose jeans, a black T and an over-sized flannel, my jacket and my boots. Wearing larger items, like my boots, will ease up more space in my suitcase. And the layers will give me a good comfort range for a cold or warm flight. And speaking of the trip, we used Airbnb to book all of the places that we are staying. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an amazing website that let’s you book apartment/house/hotels around the world for super low rates. You can stay in a castle or on a boat or in a treehouse, or of course, just a normal apartment, like we are. We’ve used it multiple times here in the States and are hoping that our European hosts are just as friendly and accommodating as the ones we’ve dealt with in New York and Baltimore. I love using it not only because of the price, but by staying in an apartment, it makes you feel like one of the locals. It’s private and has many of the amenities that you would have at your own place (laundry and kitchen!!).


I also didn’t have a suitcase and my mom bought me one from TJMaxx. It’s really amazing. It’s one of those hard plastic shell ones that I originally thought were a little ugly, but the one she got for me is black and fairly sleek. It also opens right in the middle so instead of only having one side to pack up, you have two! It’s really great for giving you the ability to pack in a more organized manner and I definitely recommend the style to anyone who is in the market for a new luggage. I am also bringing a book bag for our trips to Prague and Venice. We have friends who live in Vienna so we are lucky enough to be able to leave our big suitcases with them while we explore other countries. I got one of those Hershel bags that seem to be appearing on just about everyone these days. It’s really great though, even if you are just looking for a new bag for school. They aren’t insanely expensive and they fit so much! They are waterproof and have great zipper pockets, laptop sleeve and padded straps and back. I also got a Hershel toiletry bag which is equally great quality.


Wallpaper guide books

We were recommended this city guides because for one, they are very small and easily packed. They can fit right into your pocket (well, a boy pocket). They also have some great little snippets of where to shop/eat/look that are slightly off the tourist route. And they have really great pictures!

And finally, as for my cell phone, I didn’t really do anything. I’m taking it but I didn’t get an international data plan. All of the apartments where we are staying have wifi so as long as I’m there or at an other location with wifi, I’ll be able to communicate on Facebook/Gmail/Facetime and even IMessage as per usual. And I read that if we are going somewhere and need directions, a good tip is to simply screen shot the directions and then you’ll just have a photo of them instead of needing the Internet to pull them up. So cross your fingers for adequate wifi, everyone!! Well, that’s all the info I have for now! I’ll keep you posted as best I can while I’m away! Oh, and two more thing! As my good friend and world traveler, Archana reminded me, make sure to call your bank and let them know the places you’ll be and the dates you’ll be there! And finally, don’t forget your luggage tags! Mine are pink and hopefully will stand out in the baggage claim! And your passport!! Duh.


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