Hello, America! I’m back from my European adventure and I’m feeling more refreshed, confident and determined than ever. Being away from my usual reality for three weeks was something I will always remember. I knew it was going to be an intense experience, but I had no real idea as to what to expect. Being so detached from people, work and all obligations in general was a relief. It felt like being let out of one of those crazy tight 19th century corsets after a very, very long day. I haven’t had that sense of freedom since I was a school kid on summer vacation. To have no plans other than to wake up, have fun, look, listen and explore. It was truly a life changing experience.

I realized a lot about myself and about my country while I was gone. I discovered that I know very little about geography. (Did you know that Austria is only slightly smaller than the state of Maine yet it is bordered by six different countries???) I learned a few German phrases (Do you speak English? Where is the bathroom? Men/Women) I found that while there are many similarities between myself and people on the other side of the world, there are also many differences in the way that we think and our expectations for ourselves in this life. I discovered that most people in the world speak English which made me feel rather bad. I felt like the world had to learn my language in order to cater to my laziness in picking up their native tongues. It makes you realize how removed America truly is from so many different cultures. You can fly all the way to the other end of the country, and although LA is a completely different place than New York, it’s all still one America. It isn’t that different in the long run. However, if you traveled for that great of a distance through Europe, you would cross over into so many different countries, all of whom have their own customs, languages and way of life. And when you realize how many European countries fit into one United States, you kinda realize why it is sometimes so difficult to govern such an extremely large body of people here at home, and why such polarizing views exist.

But after three weeks, I was excited to get back home. I have a lot to accomplish and I’m ready to get started. I have so much to say about each of the cities that I visited, but as this is a fashion site, I will try to limit my travel post to once a week. So stay tuned for photos, recaps and travel guides on Vienna, Venice and Prague! Also, I’ve been working on switching things up in my work life as well and I will most definitely update you as those changes occur. It’s great to be back!


One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. It’s really wonderful to have you back here Sam, and also to have an experience such as you did at such a young age. Continue to make plans and strive for more honey. I wish you all that you wish for and more. XOXOXO

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