Photo Cred: Zara September look book. Those collars!! ❤ ❤

I’ve got some exciting news regarding my career! Since I’ve returned, I landed a job at Zara. Today is my first day and I am very excited to see where this position could potentially lead. I’ll be learning all of the ins and outs of retail and will hopefully be concentrated in the visual merchandising realm. I’m very excited to start working towards a career that I am so interested in. Working at a store that I love makes it even better.

What I know about Zara: I know it’s an international company based in Spain. I know it is the largest retailer in the world. I know that the women’s department is set up into three departments: Women’s (most expensive/boutique styles), Basics, the largest, mid-level priced collection, and Trafaluc, for the more youthful, edgier styles. I know that according to their website, they are very environmentally conscious. In both store procedures and with the production and manufacturing of their product, they aim to support a sustainable environment. i.e. saving energy, recycling, using ecological and sustainable fabric.


Photo Cred: Zara website

Why I love Zara: I used to make fun of my friend for shopping there and I’m sure she’s just going to be all over me for my change of heart. But I’ve matured since my 19 year old Urban Outfitter binging days. (Which is not to say that I no longer frequent the shop. Because I do. Often.) But what I love about Zara is that although they sell a much more sophisticated and mature line of clothes, they have managed to keep them very avant garde in form. For example, you will always come across various shirts crafted with the traditional t-shirt silhouette, however at Zara, these shirts are transformed from the traditional by using an unexpected fabric, adding a zipper in the back or pairing the body with an unexpected trim at the collar or sleeves. They are also very on trend and I’ve found they are great at adapting runway looks by giving them an everyday functionality without losing the core style and edge of the piece.

In other news, I’m also considering getting into fashion journalism. I love writing almost as much as I love clothes and I think it would be a perfect combination of interests. I’ve decided to start looking into internships both here and in New York, and hopefully start growing my resume in both directions. I have so many different ideas, abilities and interests and I always thought it was such a deterrent because I could never choose just one. But lately, I’ve decided to look at it more positively. I’m at the beginning and it’s going to take me time to get to wherever it is that I may end up, but I know I love fashion and I’ve decided to learn about it from every angle that I can.


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