A shot of scotch v91 arthur elgort

A Shot of Scotch, Vogue 1991; Photograph by Arthur Elgort and Styled by our favorite Grace Coddington

This week marked our first snowfall here in Philly, bringing with it our first blast of winter temperatures. But today, the sun is shining and an upcoming weekend that promises highs in the 60’s reminds us all that fall is still here, however short lived it may be. And although I haven’t brought you any fall fads since September, we still have over a month of the season left, in which I’ll try to squeeze as many trends in as possible.


A. Extracurricular Edge Tights, $17.99; Modcloth B. Patent Leather and Tartan Monk Oxford, $545; Alexander McQueen C. Red Check Tube Skirt, $48; TopShop 48 D. Winter Tartan Bag, $600; Vivienne Westwood E. Check Wool Coat, $79.99; Zara F. Christmas Plaid Blouse, $39.99; Etsy shop SARAWUTIhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/sarawuti


Today, it’s all about tartan, plaid and checks. These materials and patterns always remind me of a proper, British, tailored style which is perfect for cloudy, brisk fall days. Applied to coats, shoes and bags, the pattern brings out the same kind of structured sophistication we saw in our previous trend report, manish flats. Yet these same styles can lend themselves to a more anarchist feel by manifesting in punk or grunge vibes. Let’s not forget this years Met Gala where it was all about the reverence for Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen’s ripped, tartan, leather and chains. So this season, whether you’re a flannel and jeans or a tailored suit girl, as long as you’re rockin’ some plaid you can’t go wrong!


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