Hi. I just woke. I’m twenty-six now.

Today I am twenty-six years old. In the days, weeks and even months leading up to this day, I was dreading it. I really felt the weight of it all. The pressure to be further along in my career and life and all that mid-twenty’s, quarter life crisis bullshit. But now that it’s arrived, I feel fine. It’s not any different than yesterday was. It’s like pulling off a band-aid, or getting a shot. (Hmm can’t get those anymore! I guess things are different today than they were yesterday! :-/) In any case, my birthday has come again, and with its arrival it ushers in the holiday season. In my family, it is often celebrated alongside Thanksgiving which is usually held in New York which has already been decked out with holiday cheer and the arrival of the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, erected in time to greet the great influx of tourists. And as the Macy’s Day Parade comes to a close and Santa and his sleigh barrel down 5th Ave., the country collectively braces itself for the mad shopping season to come. We all sit in our cozy homes, surrounded by family and friends, and attempt to hold on to the last hours of Thanksgiving serenity, trying desperately to fight against the turkey’s tryptophan, but finding ourselves losing the battle against sleep far too soon. The calm before the storm.

Christmas is coming and there is no use denying it. Instead, look to Stale Afternoon Sun to give you a tour of some of our favorite local Philly shops! Not only will you find new places to shop year round, but you will also become the bearer of the most unique gifts under the tree. Aside from this post, I will try to add a new shop to the site each Friday leading up to Christmas. This way you can plan your shopping filled weekends accordingly!


Omoi Store Front

Today, I am bringing you to a tiny shop on Pine Street called, Omoi. The owner, Elizabeth Sieber, decided to open up show upon returning to Philly after living in Osaka, Japan. The term Zakka refers to anything and everything that can be used to improve your home, appearance, or life in general. In Japan, zakka shops are very common. They exist for people to enter into and surround themselves with an array of everyday trinkets that quite simply, provide happiness. At Omoi, they stock my favorite stationary, really fantastic jewelry, a large selection of cosmetics and an endless influx of various home goods and apparel. It’s a really magical little space that uniquely translates the Japanese Harajuku culture over to the Western World. Plus it often smells like Christmas. So there’s that. It’ll get you into the spirit whether you like it or not!


Omoi Interior

The Omoi Shopping Guide:

For the Traveler: Having experienced my first out-of-the-country excursion this past fall, I will be the first to tell you how great it would have been to have had the PhotoIn Passport along for the trip. Before I left, I thought I would be keeping my passport at the apartments and hotels for safe keeping. But soon after arriving, I realized how important it was to have it on me at all times. You never know when you could be stopped by authorities. This little case doubles as a wallet which makes it easy to ensure all of your important items are kept securely together.

photoIn passport & travel case 44

PhotoIn Passport & Travel Case; $44

For the Tea Lover: I am a coffee drinker but I would gladly switch over to the occasional tea for this adorable little tea pot. And even if you don’t have any tea lovers in your life, it would be the perfect gift for all the french press users. Now that we are all fancy coffee snobs, I’m sure you must know someone!

162 kaico enamelware kettle

Kaico Enamelware Kettle; $162

For the Perpetually Late: Since the advent of cell phones, watches have unfortunately been pushed to the wayside. I’ve been wearing a watch for the past few weeks now (because I’m not allowed to have my phone on me at work) and I think the habit is here to stay! Too often I’m fumbling around my five pockets or digging through my purse in search of my phone. Now I just look at my wrist! Along with timeless function, also comes incredible forms, like Omoi’s Komono watch in salmon. Let’s not forget, it’s a piece of jewelery!

komono fat wizard salmon 62

Komono Fat Wizard Watch in Salmon; $62

For the Overworked: With a new year right around the corner, Christmas is the perfect time to buy people calendars! Sure we all have one on our phones, but what do you do when you are making plans while on your phone? I bought myself one of these in October, and it’s really helped in keeping all my appointments, shifts and interviews organized. Plus they come in the greatest colors and all different sizes!

Mark's 2014 Notebook Calendar 16

Mark’s 2014 Notebook Calendar; $16

For the Plant Lover: These planters are an ideal gift for anyone on your list who loves plants but lives in a teeny apartment. Hung from the ceiling, they take up virtually zero percent of your precious square footage in your studio apartment, but at the same time, add so much to your environment. I think these would also be great for anyone who loves to cook. I would hang mine by the kitchen and fill them with fresh herbs!

jaguar shoes x sky planter birds mini pack 53.95

Jaguar Shoes x Sky Planter Birds Mini Pack; $53.95

For the Bike Rider: A bicycle bell is one of the most important attachments for all bike riders. Helmets and lights are obvious essentials, but a bell is a biker’s main line of communication while on the road and could very easily prevent having to put your helmet to the test. This Viva bike bell is the perfect combination of vintage and sleek. I know I would love to see it show up in my stocking!

viva bicycle bell copper 22

Viva Bicycle Bell in Copper; $22

**Get a head start on shopping! Now through Tuesday, Omoi is offering free shipping over purchases of $50 or more on their online shop**

Omoi Zakka Shop – Pine Street – 215.545.0963




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