Front view of completed dress

I am very happy to announce that I have completed my first dress! By no means is it perfect BUT I learned a lot in the process. Plus it can totally pass as wearable. The front section is made out of a vintage material I found on Etsy. I absolutely love it, yet it is very thin and difficult to work with. It easily bunched and slid while I was trying to sew, especially around the curves. But it smells great! Even after I pre-washed it, it held onto this interesting smell that I always found in my grandparent’s upstairs. I used to smell it in my mom’s old bedroom, in the closets and in their attic. Oh, but now you are all going to think it’s an awful old person smell, which it isn’t at all! (no offense grandparents of the world) I am happy to report my grandparents do not come with an old musty smell. Instead, they smell of wonderful vintage items. Old wooden furniture. Beautiful mid century garments. The smell of a time before the much more sterile present. It smells like it has history. A wonderful life that was lived.


Side view of completed dress

Sorry, I’m getting off topic. The back is made out of a black linen. This material was much easier to manipulate, however it easily frayed. The two materials together were not the greatest pair. The weights did not match up, as the linen was much heavier, but like I said, it looks well enough made that I can wear it out. The fit turned out great and overall, for my first dress, I am pleased. I also think I am a zipper protege. I’ve heard they are so difficult to put in but I never seem to have an issue! This one is very long and goes from the tail bone all the way up! It was my first invisible zipper installation and it went swimmingly.


Back view of completed dress

Now on to the next dress! I am working on a beautiful midnight blue, silk velvet dress. I’m altering this pattern by removing the back portion and replacing it with a lace remnant I found on Etsy. Again, not the easiest material to work with for a beginner, but I guess if I can struggle my way through, it will make working with basic materials that much easier! I can’t wait for it to be complete so I can wear it while dancing around my apartment to Blue Velvet.


Reacting to absurd direction from my photographer


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