Inside the Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 show at Dallas’ Fair Park

One thing that I have truly come to love about the fashion industry, is that it’s made my January through March really come alive. To be so high from the holiday excitement and be dropped into a pit of seemingly endless winter has always been rough for me. With Valentine’s day being my only real glimmer of hope (depending on how my love life is going), I’ve always found myself trudging through those dark months without much motivation. But since taking a turn into fashion, I will never again have to worry about lack of stimulation during this time. In fact, I’m sure it will begin to fly by all too quickly!

The reason for this is that in the fashion world, there are always new collections being presented. I have read that the top houses feature up to ten collections a year! That equates to a new line every month if you discount December and August for holiday. Currently, while the public is out buying up all the new Spring and Summer trends, designers are busy presenting their Spring Couture and Pre-Fall 2014 collections. All of this also coincides with the Hollywood award season filled with red carpet clad celebrities! So much fashion!! It can definitely become overwhelming. One thing that I have found helps me keep track of it all is following magazines, designers and models on Instagram and Pinterest. I know it sounds like a dumb tip that most of you are probably doing already, but being able to see all the lines pop up with the corresponding designer names is really helping me differentiate the designer’s styles.

So far, I do have a few favorites from the Pre-Fall shows. I’ll get to the Spring Couture eventually but I just love fall so I’ve decided to start there!

Chanel Pre-Fall 2014

chanelI feel as though it is only appropriate to begin with Chanel. They kicked off fall fashion with their much buzzed about Métiers d’Art show in Dallas, Texas. The line did not disappoint as the models walked through Dallas’ Fair Park adorned in American motifs such as cowboy hats, boots and the controversial Native American headdresses. It was a beautiful spectacle in which Parisian elegance and detail met a rugged American frontier.

Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2014:

diorI rarely dislike a Dior collection because duh, it’s Dior. To me, there is a timelessness to their garments. There is a charm in their simplicity. And no matter how modern the look, I’m always brought back to the elegance of great actresses in black and white movies, when Dior’s trademark full skirts begin gliding down the runway.

Valentino Pre-Fall 2014

valentinoValentino is one of those iconic designers that everyone knows of by name, but one that I myself never knew much about. But when I saw these photos popping up all over my Pinterest, I began to understand why this designer is so legendary. What I love most about these outfits, (besides the Garden State-esque photography. I have a thing for wallpaper) is the juxtaposition of simple design with a busy print. And the detailing elevates the garments to a level of gorgeous beyond words which can even be seen through a mere photograph.

Thom Browne Pre-Fall 2014

thom brownI wanted to include the Thom Browne collection because the looks held a great mix of both women’s and menswear designs. Browne said he wanted to create a new camouflage which is evident in the long foliage covered coat (bottom left). I also love anything reminiscent of 1960’s London and the tailoring and prints in many of the looks accomplish that vibe perfectly.

Alice and Olivia Pre-Fall 2014

alice and olivia

The first look I saw from Alice + Olivia’s Pre-Fall collection was the black pants outfit in the upper right hand corner. It immediately reminded me of the Pink Ladies from Grease, which is good! Rizzo was badass! And as I continued to look through, my retro notion was happily affirmed as the entire collection has a perfect 50’s soda shop meets 60’s Mod vibe.

Kenzo Pre-Fall 2014

kenzoI don’t know if it’s the library setting or the clothes themselves but I just loved this Kenzo collection. It reminded me of going back to school. Always my favorite time of the year! It has that old school, British, cool, sophistication that comes across in the tailoring, but it also has modern touches in the bright yellow and the metallic pants. Perfectly youthful outfits that make you feel mature without feeling like you’re dressed beyond your years.

Giles Pre-Fall


I was first drawn to the Giles collection when I saw the light pink A-line dress. I’ve been so into that pastel-y pink lately. And upon further investigation, I found I really liked the rest of collection. I liked their emphasis on volume and exaggerated form and thought it added a theatrical twist to the Pre-fall collections.

Thakoon Pre-Fall 2014

thakoonThe Thakoon collection seems to stand alone compared to the other designers I have chose to highlight. It has a much more casual vibe and is definitely less feminine than I usually prefer. The collection has a very autumnal color palette and it looks very comfortable, which is exactly what you want to be in the fall! I also just love the cut of the hunter green sweater (bottom right). It’s so silly but I  would totally get down with a one-armed sweater.

Chloé Pre-Fall 2014


But out of all of the collections I have seen thus far, I must say that I enjoyed looking through Chloé‘s the most. There’s no question that I would kill to have any of these clothes from any of these designers, but while I was looking through Chloé‘s, I found myself drawn to every single look. I don’t think that has ever happened before! There’s usually a few pieces that I just can’t get down with. Every outfit in this collection is fun, wearable and totally interesting. They managed to achieve a good range of color and pattern, while maintaining a unity in the collection as a whole. I’d even wear the pants suits and I rarely wear pants! And because it was so fun to look at, Chloé got six sample pics on the Sun.

Photos pulled from Vogue.com and Women’s Wear Daily


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