photo-5Admittedly, as I’ve journeyed through my life, I have occasionally stumbled upon certain universal truths that unfortunately never made it into my knowledge bank until it was embarrassingly too late (i.e. cucumbers turn into pickles??). And now that I have entered the world of beauty and fashion, I have been scrambling to pick up any and all terms that should come as common to any fashion vet. One such term that I seem to see everywhere these days is “BB cream.”‘

And for the longest time, I just ignored it, thinking it was some sort of a brand name which I had no interest in exploring as my beauty routine was already far too involved and drawn out as it should be. Not until I was given a sample tube as a free gift did I realize that BB was in fact, a product in and of itself. And a pretty useful one at that.

Originating in Germany in the 1960’s, BB cream (which stands for blemish balm/blemish base/beauty base), was originally intended to protect patient’s skin after chemical peels and other surgeries. By the mid 80’s, South Korea had discovered the cream and began using it to protect and preserve their coveted porcelain complexions. This little miracle cream seems to have finally made it big in the western markets. While they have been tailored to fit the needs of the West (the removal of whitening qualities), some have been criticized for not containing all the skin care functions of the Korean based brands.

At the top of its game, a BB cream should be able to handle a multitude of issues. From soothing sun spots, blemishes and wrinkles, to acting as an alternative to serums, sunscreens, moisturizers and even may be used as a light foundation. I’ve also been reading about new products that have taken BB cream and expanded it to help other parts of the body. There are now BB body lotions and even creams designed for your hair! I’m new to the BB game so I don’t have any solid recommendations or reviews, but I do plan on giving it a try and will definitely report back. But if nothing else, I’m happy to now know what it is!


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