Photo Cred: Love Aesthetics Website/Logo

Doesn’t it seem like all of a sudden, everyone has turned on Pinterest? Once everyone’s go to spot for decor, party planning and cuisine, it suddenly seems that use of the site is now viewed as a cop out, weakness, an outlet for the uncreative who can’t think for themselves. I have never been obsessed with the site, but I do like using it to keep my own ideas organized and I do occasionally browse the pretty pictures on my feed to pass the time. I think the best part about Pinterest happens when you click away. I’ve discovered some amazing blogs and websites through Pinterest links. One such site has captured my interest so greatly, that I’ve decided to post about it.

Owned and operated by, Ivania Carpio, Love Aestheticswas created as a fashion blog but has evolved into much more. From clothing to product design, Carpio’s vision is clearly and beautifully curated. On her minimalistic styled site, it is easy to browse any of the following categories: Wearing, Beauty, Accessories, Novelty, Interiors, Places, Life Lately and my personal favorite, DIY.


Photo Cred: Taken from Love Aesthetics; DIY 90’s / Drawstring Halter Crop Top

Carpio’s DIY post, “90s Inspired/Drawstring Halter Crop Top,” is what originally drew me to her site. I always welcome any kind of free sewing tutorial! And as I continued to scroll through the DIY section, I discovered posts on a huge array of projects. Not only were there more sewing tutorials, but also lessons on creating bags, hats, furniture and decor. There were even recipes! Another great aspect to note is that all of the DIY stuff is incredibly now. You can find a tutorial on almost every Spring trend out there. Which is great! Because I know each season I feel the need to go out a purchase all the new trends, but never have the funds. Carpio has not only helped make fashion more affordable but also more fun since you can say, “hey! I made this, ‘Strappy Leather Bra,’ myself!”

So if you have an afternoon to kill and want to take on a fun project, need a new site to add to your daily browsing, or if you are bored at work and want to look at something pretty, I definitely recommend checking out Love and Aesthetics!


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