Remember way back when I started this site, I had taken a Skillshare class on fashion sketching? I had promised images of the final products but they never came. I did do them, but I thought they turned out terribly, so I never shared them. But of course they turned out terribly! It was my first try! What also deterred me was my desperate attempt to copy my teacher’s style, along with all of my other preconceived notions of traditional fashion sketches, that were floating through my head. But instead of practicing, I put it down in frustration. Plus, I hadn’t any inspiration. I was angry. I thought I couldn’t draw. I was so hard on myself because after all, I did go to art school. Why couldn’t I do this??

In any case, this weekend, something inside me urged me to try again. Maybe it was because I had flipped on Style Wars, the 1983 documentary on the subway graffiti artists, maybe it was because I had taken a stroll through Pratt’s campus that day and somewhere among the sculptures something in my mind lit up. In any case, yesterday was the day I picked up my markers, a magazine, and my notepad. It was time to get moving again on this dream of mine, and if no one was going to help me get ahead, I’d have to do it on my own, from the bottom up. For subjects, I drew upon images I saw in last month’s Nylon. The first few were a bit rough. I forced myself to only use the marker, focus on the shapes to put together the whole picture, use a continuous, more fluid line, worry about the details later. I wanted to create a style that was more me. I’ve always been very graphic in my approach, so it was no wonder that the romantic watercolor strokes were giving me such a difficult time last year. And in the end, I produced a lot of images I was surprised and proud had come out of me. Maybe I hadn’t given my skills enough cred. And if I continue to sketch each day, they will only get better. My big weakness is the head. Haha, I get it. But no, I am not talking about my head, although that isn’t to say it’s not without faults! But instead I am talking about the profiles of the model and especially their hair. I find it difficult for me to keep it as minimal as the rest of the form. But for now, I am happy to have found a process, along with a style I can call me own.

Today I received a new Nylon in the mail, and I have a fresh Vogue sitting on my kitchen table. So stay tuned each month for a new Stale Afternoon segment filled with my personal interpretations of the monthly editorials. And for now, I gueeeess I’ll show you a select few of my recent creations. It’s all up from here 🙂










2 thoughts on “Personal: Sketch

  1. Ya Sam, it’s all up from here and it’s called work. You do the work or you don’t. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress. 🙂

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