When I first moved to New York, I held an internship with a retail showroom. It was an incredible experience; to be thrown into a Soho studio filled with fashion lines from around the world, just weeks before market week. What is market week? It is a crazy expo of sorts that happens each season in the fashion world. Showrooms, like the one I interned for, take on independent designers which they then, merchandise, market, and showcase at a HUGE convention. In New York’s case, this takes place at the Jacob Javits Center. Over the course of a few days, buyers will browse the THOUSANDS of brands and choose what lines they would like to sell in their boutiques and shops in the upcoming season.


Loup Lookbook, Fall/Winter 2014

And although it was fun to see the sales side of the industry, it reassured me that the creative side was much more my speed. Yet in the process, I discovered some really great new brands. There was one in particular that stood out more than the others. It had a great combination of classic styles that juxtaposed with the other collections, conversely made it much more unique. Because I fell in love with the line entitled, Loup, I was able to be the brand’s ambassador and hang out with its creator and designer, Danielle Ribner, at market week. Ribner was modest, gracious and a really great advisor to someone like me. Originally from the West Coast, she didn’t originally attend school for fashion. It was only after graduating college and moving to New York, that she decided to pursue fashion by obtaining her certificate at Parson’s. All of her clothes are designed and produced here in New York. Her’s is a story of great success and although I only spent a few hours with her in total, she seemed like a great, down to earth person, creating clothes to make women who wear them feel good.


Some favorites from Loup, Fall/Winter 2013

Loup, (pronounced loo), is French for “wolf.” And that’s not all that’s French about Ribner’s line. In fact, life and style in mid-century Paris is one of her greatest inspirations. From Jane Birkin, and Francoise Dorleac, to Brigitte Bardot and Francoise Hardy, the fashionable ladies of the 60’s and 70’s are alive and well at Loup. Ribner believes in accessibility in both price and fit. She uses beautiful vegan leathers and faux furs to keep price tags down, but take it from someone who’s both seen the garments up close, and even tried on much of the new collection, they look and feel anything but fake. She also keeps differing body shapes in mind. She strives to create garments that are easy to wear everyday, and that will look great on a wide spectrum of body types, from the thinnest of frames to the more curvy. Many of her pieces are two-for’s and even three-for’s, meaning, they have multiple layers sewn in together; i.e. a sweatshirt with a collar and shirt flaps sewn in. No need to style an outfit, Loup has already done it for you!

Her Fall/Winter 2014 collection was just recently released, and just today, she posted a sneak peak of her upcoming collection via Instagram. To check out Loup‘s current look book and shop all of her collections, head over to Louponline.com. You can also follow Loup on Instagram and Facebook!

And now you can follow me on Instagram at Samikate20 and Stale Afternoon Sun on Facebook as well!


Some Loup-inpiration straight from their Instagram


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