Accessories are such vital and essential details in bringing an outfit together, yet there is a fine line between accentuating your outfit and completely overpowering the look. As Coco Chanel famously recommended, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” And while there are always instances of exception, (celebrities dripping in Jeremy Scott accessories), I have grown to love simple, minimalist pieces that add just the right amount of modern shine to all of my looks, casual and formal alike.


Rings from the ‘Cosmic’ Collection

And without a doubt, the jewelry line that perfectly achieves this balance comes to us courtesy of the Netherlands, by a company named The Boyscouts. I was first introduced to the line while shopping at my favorite Philly boutique, Omoi, and after receiving the Cosmic Shield ring as a birthday gift a few years back, I have been hooked.

Bracelet ‘Seize’; To Hunt and To Hold

Their aesthetic (and name) come courtesy of a unique combination of sourcing inspiration from both nature and urban city life. Their first collection, entitled, Cosmic, drew from the sky. Hard lines of gold and silver, connected by long chains, criss-crossing against one’s neck, harken thoughts of astrology and constellations seen overhead in a clear night sky. They followed that collection up by a line entitled, “To Hunt and to Hold,” showcasing flat geometric shapes, and highlighting the versatile, androgynous nature of their pieces. And with each new collection, they continue to produce an impressive array of forms that are at once simple yet powerful. Their current collection, “Parallel Circuit,” may be my favorite yet. The collection was made to manifest energy. With pieces entitled, “Volt,” and “Antenna,” each item seems to connect like electric currents, coursing through your body.

Images from the ‘Charcoal Collection’

Along with their jewelry, The Boyscouts also offer a range of accessories, from bags to scarfs to  the most beautiful jewelry box, in both form and function, that I have ever laid eyes upon. They are intent on using only the best materials and rely on local craftsmanship. I suppose their only downfall lies in their accessibility to American shoppers. Although there may be a few items left at Omoi, I am pretty sure they have stopped selling the line. And I have yet to find a shop in New York that carries them. But I suppose their scarcity does lend itself to the jewelry’s originality! They do have an extensive online shop that does ship to the States. They have always been incredibly present and prompt with all costumer service inquiries and frequently interact with their costumers via social media. In fact, they just re-posted a photo of me in their volt/antenna earring on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! It was very exciting 🙂

‘Match Box’ Jewelry Box

So if you’d like to not only support but also add beauty to your social media feeds, be sure to follow, The Boyscouts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They’ve even been known to do the occasional jewelry give-away contest!

So there you have it. The Boyscouts: a refreshingly, modern accessory line, perfect for adding a minimal elegance to almost any look.


The regram! Me in the ‘volt’ round pin and ‘Antenna’ back earring

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