Etsy and I have grown much closer this year. While I’ve enjoyed browsing the shops and have been an occasional customer for years, my main qualm was always that it was really difficult to browse. Everything on the homepage consistently looked amazing, but each time I would click on a given category, I would find items that just did not hold up to the featured item. But this year, Etsy upped their game. Now all users are proud owners of a newsfeed of sorts. You can follow both people and shops alike. You can create different boards, just like in Pinterest, and similar users are even suggested to you. I’ve heard both hate and love for this new platform but for me, it has been amazing. It has taken all the searching away and left me with a beautiful feed filled with all the gems I would have needed to search long and hard for myself.

And besides all the beauty and inspiration that I can now find with a quick click, I also love what Etsy represents. It’s a community of entrepreneurs. I place where freedom can be found, whether it’s supplemental or complete financial independence. So I’ve decided that once a month I will support and highlight some of my favorites. From vintage shops and clothing designers, to zines and home decor; these are all the things that I’m currently lusting after.

First up, Etsy jewelers.

Rebecca Gladstone is a designer based out of London England. She founded her company just a little over a year ago. Her designs are rooted in geometric forms, all modeled by Gladstone herself. I was drawn immediately to the simplicity of the clean metal lines that adorn one’s body as if drawn on with a pencil. My wishlist item: the ‘Sterling Silver Circle Earrings‘ $42.02

If you have a Pinterest, then you have probably seen this next designer’s ear cuff’s pop up on your feed at one point or another. Based in Tel Aviv, Isreal, designer, Gittit Szwarc pulls her inspiration for her jewelry brand, Knobbly Studio, from motion. Szwarc is a veteren of dance and martial arts and says that the movement in each discipline has followed her into her jewelry production and the way each piece interacts with the body. My wishlist item: ‘Sterling Silver Ear Cuff’ $58

Next up is American designer, Kimberly Huestis, who runs jewelry label, PorcelainAndStone. I love the use of porcelain as the core of the collection. It is such a unique material to use for jewelry design and a nice change of pace from my usual delicate, modern persuasions. The use of gold leaf truly pops against the flat structural pieces, and I am especially drawn to the items that incorporate glaze as well. My wishlist item: ‘Jaded Bracelet’ $186

Earrings and rings are my two favorite accessories. I love statement jewelry but at the same time, I like to keep my statements understated. Clearly I’m not making much sense… Simply, I rather wear a huge ring than a giant bauble necklace. And if you find yourself in agreement, you should definitely check out, Shani Jacobi Jewelry. Based in Tel Aviv, Jacobi uses a majority of gemstones to create statement pieces with a graphic pop. The bright colors of the stones make each piece a lot of fun and versatile for both causal and formal occasions. My wishlist item: Urban geometric, Black Diamond Crystal Ring $59.99

And finally, my absolute, without a doubt, biggest Etsy crush has got to be Mirta Jewelry. This Croation based line is the product of young designer, Andrea Simic. An architect who combined her silver-smithing skills with basic architectural principals, Simic has created a line that successfully embodies classic designs with ultra modern form. Her pieces, at times, seem to defy gravity. They are feminine and whimsical yet their structure places them in an ultra-modern reality. I am obsessed with the juxtaposition of the imperfect, natural stones against their stark metal cages. My Wishlist Item: EVERYTHING but I guess if I have to choose…‘Eye Herkimer Diamond Ring’ in oxidized sterling silver $104

Did I miss any of your favorites?? If so, feel free to message me! I’m always interested in new designers and perhaps they will show up on future round ups! And as always, you can follow me here, or on Instagram at Samikate20 and Stale Afternoon Sun on Facebook!


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