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Entrance to the Gardens

I’ve decided to add a new segment to the blog. I like to think that I know a thing or two about my neighborhood here in Brooklyn, and I also love to explore and experience new places. “Hoods,” will be a section for just that. Hopefully this will be a helpful fun section for those new to the area or planning a trip to New York, or any other place I may go. And even if you don’t see any of these destinations on your future radar, it will be a fun glimpse into the community from where you sit.

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Lily Pool Terrace

This week I walked the Botanic Garden. Located on the North East border of Prospect Park, I am lucky to live only a short walk away. The gardens were founded in 1910, and over the past century have provided visitors with a sublime escape from their everyday urban existence. No matter what time of year you step inside, there will always be some great form of vegetation to check out. Two of my favorites include the Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden.

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The Rose Garden

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The Japanese Garden

The BBG makes it really easy for visitors to access the Gardens. There are several entrances around the perimeter of the park, and Saturday’s before noon and Tuesday all day boast free admission! I will say that I’ve gone on free morning Saturday and it tends to get really crowded with guests. But the garden is so large that you can always find a little hideaway for alone time. The BBG is also open year round and free every weekday in December through February. I went last November and it was probably my favorite trip of all. I was shocked to find flowers still in bloom!

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A shaded lawn, perfect for a rest

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A weeping willow droops over the Japanese pond

There are also many events held at the BBG, the most famous of course being the Cherry Blossom Festival each Spring. They also have a great gift shop where you can purchase beautiful plants, and a cafe which is connected to their greenhouses. Each greenhouse highlights plant life from different regions. I love cacti so one of my favorites to explore is the Desert Pavilion. The Bonsai Museum is also a fun little area to be sure not to miss.

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Osborne Garden

Each time I go to the garden I have a completely different experience than the time before. There is always a new path to discover or a new flower in bloom. So if you ever find yourself wandering around Brooklyn with no set agenda, I would highly recommend a trip to the BBG. A perfect escape from the city to collect your thoughts

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225 – 718.623.7200

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