Is it just me or has everyone gone crazy for podcasts lately? I jumped on board last year (with I’m sure a million other people) when, This American Life began to air Serial. As someone who spends a lot of time on an underground train – void of any cell service and often without a seat or space to pull out a book – podcasts have quickly become a great alternative to music for me on my commutes. I started out listening to the popular shows, This American Life, WTF with Marc Maron, The Nerdist, but soon I decided to search out topics I was most interested in.

In my search for fashion, travel and art podcasts, I’ve come across a lot of duds. So many were rated with 5 stars or on top podcast searches that I Googled, but they just didn’t hold my attention, or their voice was too annoying, or they rambled on and on with obvious advice about nothing. Finally, a couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon, Thread Cult, a podcast run by a New York sewing blogger, Christine Cyr Clisset. As soon as I listened to the first episode, I immediately hit, “follow,” and have been working my way through all her past episodes.

What I love about Clisset’s podcast is the wide range of professionals she interviews. From couture seamstresses and curators at world renowned museums, to fiber artists and entrepreneurs, she covers all the bases. She provides listeners with all things sewing related and helpful tips on where to shop, how to create your own start up, and general inspiration for your own sewing creations. Clisset lives in the garment district, which can often times be incredibly overwhelming, and is always giving out advice on her favorite shops along with her guest’s go to destinations for all your sewing needs. Many of her guests also teach classes, from embroidering to couture techniques. They have also written many helpful books and guides which she always makes sure to reference.

I could go on and on about all the wonderful guests I hear her discuss, but I think it’s best to highlight some of my favorites in their own posts. Clisset has a website, Thread Cult, to accompany her podcast, and she also curates her personal sewing blog, Daughter Fish. So whether you’re new to sewing like me, or have been at it for years, I highly recommend you give, Thread Cult a listen! And please!! If you know of any great blogs or podcasts, don’t hesitate to let me know! I am always looking for new and interesting resources which as I said, can often be difficult to find! Any suggestions left in the comments would be so wonderful!

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