As I sit down to write about the romanticism that is New York City in the fall, I am well aware of the 90+ degree day we are currently wrapped up in. Yesterday was the hottest September 8th since 1982! Yikes. In any case, Autumn is on its way to the city and soon the smell of leaves will be in the air, the sidewalks will swell with holiday tourists and my favorite time for fashion watching will commence.

This fall will be a throwback for me as I am back in school! It’s been just about 5 years since I graduated from university and I have finally made the leap toward a profession I have always wanted. This semester I am taking both an illustration and a pattern making course. I also am working as an assistant to a designer and still maintaining three to four nights at the restaurant a week. It’s all very exciting and I know it’s important to stay busy. Busy is good! But my impatience is slowly creeping back in and I know I have to keep it at bay or I won’t get anywhere. Don’t you just get tired of working so hard for other people’s dreams? Hopefully in the next couple years I can transition into my own. But again, patience is key and that’s one quality I know I was not born with!

My design job has been really great thus far. I run our little pop up shop, make shipments out of the warehouse and do quality control at the factories since all of our product is made here in New York. It’s a start up, so I’m hoping in the next coming months I’ll be learning more about the business end of things, i.e. INVESTORS! I’m also looking forward to moving past the sales season and into the design stage.

When I first got into fashion, (three years ago now??) I tried to teach myself about the industry through magazines and Instagram feeds, learning about the OG’s and their impact on today’s market and style. And while all that is important, my views have shifted majorly. For one, I am much more interested in start-up’s, because that’s what I aspire to be. I want to learn about business, something I never thought I cared about. I want to work for companies that cater toward environmental preservation and social causes. I’m trying to learn more about fair trade initiatives and browsing MBA programs. The realities of it all really set in after moving to New York. I know I can’t live my life without helping others daily, and I know that I need travel to play a big role in my future. I also know that I’ll get there. I have complete confidence in myself, and I have a plan. One day at a time. One skill under my belt after another. I’m climbing my way up to independence and each day I’m closer than the day before. But to live in the present, is my greatest challenge. And at least for now, I have Autumn in New York on my side.

Now in addition to finding me here, you can also follow me on Instagram at Samikate20 and Stale Afternoon Sun on Facebook! I am also on Pinterest at Samikate20


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