Hello and welcome to, Stale Afternoon Sun! My name is Sam and I’m a 25 year old do-er of many things living in Philadelphia, PA. Although I pay the rent by working in a restaurant, it’s a far cry from the path I would prefer my life to take. I decided to create this site in conjunction with my new career aspiration, to become a fashion designer.

Do I know how to sew? No. But do I know how to dress? Yes! I’m finally fed up with all that post college life had in store for me (and I’m sure many other people with Liberal Art’s degrees). I’m done sitting in coffee shops, applying to more general admin. openings than I ever knew could possibly exist; moving from city to city thinking the change of scenery would solve all my problems; drowning in a sea of graduate degree possibilities but being too hesitant and fearful of debt to make a decision.

Come November, I’ll be 26 and thrust off of my dad’s health insurance. From there, it’s only a matter of time till they kick me off the cell phone family plan! And at this rate, I’d never be able to afford to stick with Verizon. Where would that leave me? AT&T? Virgin Mobile?? Boost??? It was time to pick a path. Time to put all my effort into mastering a profession and see where I come out at the end. So this summer I am taking my first leap into the fashion industry. I have enrolled in a sewing class.

And as much as I love the endless supply of fashion blogs the internet provides us with, I would like Stale Afternoon Sun to be more than the outfits I put together and the fun finds I thrift from local vintage shops. This site will chronicle my journey into the fashion world. From learning how to sew, to drawing up my own original designs, to hopefully someday, displaying and selling my own line of clothes. I know it’s ambitious but I’m ready to get my life on track and I’m ready for this challenge.

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