1000540_10101582338058723_2059512153_nStale Afternoon Sun refers to the specific time of day between 3-5pm; the time between afternoon and evening when the sun hangs low and shines its intense, orangey rays directly and oppressively upon your head. Most prevalent in warmer months. It has lost it’s crisp, refreshing morning shine and has devolved into the used up, desnse glow that packs such great amounts of heat that it makes it nearly impossible to continue being a fully functioning human being. You therefore try to take a nap but your efforts are thwarted due to that damn sun shining straight through your bedroom window, turning your bed into an island (think desert, not tropical) thereby making it next to impossible to find even one cool spot on your sheets to curl up on.

I used to hate that time of day. It used to depress me like the library in the town I grew up in, or the church rectories that we used to have to spend day long retreats in during my time in Catholic school. I think it’s because they all had a similar color palates. Very 70’s. Or for you Instagram kids, it was like living with “Toaster,” tinted glasses. Weirdly enough, these colors that I loathed are now among my favorites. Before I hated them for removing me from my modern reality, but now I seek them out to travel back in time. I find that this color scheme has infiltrated all aspects of my style, from decor to clothing. Those fade-y, hazy decades make me happy and I like to surround myself in their glow-y shades. Like a great big afghan on a snowy day.


2 thoughts on “Why Stale Afternoon Sun?

  1. this if awesome, Sam, you’re off to a fab start. I think your artistic talent will lend very well to fashion design. good luck babe. oh .. and I LOVE the self portrait art work logo.

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